Cancer Killers



Hi I’m Joe Mikacevich. I was born in 1951 and have a heart condition caused by excess buildup of plaque called artheriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. The thickening of the arteries is caused by an excess build up that speeds up significantly with age, people with high blood pressure and triglycerides.

This condition seems to be accelerated by both genetics and excess weight. About eight years ago I had a ninety nine percent blockage of one of my arteries at the top of my heart. A doctor Edwards performed a angiogram procedure placing three stents in my artery. I was hospitalized for five days recovered and released. I was told by every physician reading my chart that twenty five to thirty three percent of my heart was dead or will soon be dead due to the blockage. No if ands or buts!

Six months after release I had a heart scan at Ocu-scan of Utah. Surprise! NO DEAD TISSUE! What Happened?   

I had got involved in juicing and supplements and successfully winged myself off of prescription drugs. My blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels were and are still in normal ranges. I am no longer taking prescription drugs because I find them to be dangerous, ineffective, expensive and primitive. I am now along with diet and exercise and using the products from my own wellness page. I am now big on removing the plaque form my body and feel that others should as well. Here are some innovative products that can be helpful to you.